Leg Pain From the Hip

Last week I had an elderly male patient enter my office complaining of “sciatica” (leg pain that refers from the low back). He simply assumed that the pain in his groin and front of his thigh was originating from his back because he had experienced symptoms similar to this before and ended up having low […]

Alcohol Should Be Consumed In Moderation

I am sure you have heard the term “everything should be done in moderation”. I couldn’t agree more. It doesn’t matter if I am talking about doing yard work, sitting in front of a computer, exercising, or even the stress that life can throw at you. Moderation in everything we do is crucial to remaining […]

Wearing Flip-Flops Can Cause Problems With Your Feet

As the weather begins to warm up, you will notice that many people are starting to wear flip-flops. In fact, it is common to see anyone from a child to the elderly wearing them leisurely, or even at work. However, this fashion statement is causing problems. The Province newspaper even printed an article on this […]


In previous articles on this website, I discussed what fibromyalgia is and some of the criteria that must be fulfilled to receive a proper diagnosis. If you have already been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, then you are very much aware that there is no simple treatment. In most cases, it is what the patients can do […]

Yoga Eases Low Back Pain

The next time your back acts up, maybe in addition to seeing your chiropractor you should try the “the great seal pose”, or the “upward facing dog”, or perhaps the “butterfly pose”. A study of 101 adults with chronic lower back pain compared the benefits of yoga, conventional therapeutic exercise, and the information contained in a […]