Keep That Core Strong! – the benefits of Core Strength

Core Strength is an important preventative step against back pain. It is well documented now that having strong trunk, or “core”, muscles is one way to help prevent back pain from arising. This is because the stronger the muscles are around the front and sides of your midsection, the more support your lower back has.  […]

Healthy Tips for School Kids – Ergonomics & Backpacks

Each day when we send our children off to school, we hope that they’ll learn well from their teachers, make new friends, and select healthy foods in the cafeteria. But, most Canadians are not considering a variety of hidden risk factors our kids face every day in their school environment. A troubling new study published […]

Be Proactive by Doing Lower Back Exercises

Once you already have an acutely sore back, it is “too little, too late” in regards to starting an exercise program. You need to be doing lower back exercises regularly so that your back doesn’t get sore in the first place. To help you get started, below are some simple ones that I would recommend.  […]

Avoid Mechanical Back Pain

Mechanical back pain is the name given to any type of back pain that results from strained muscles and sprained ligaments/joints. This often occurs when you put abnormal stress and strain on these structures. Although a traumatic injury (such as a car accident or serious fall) can cause mechanical back pain, it more often occurs […]

Avoiding Back Pain Problems take our Back Pain Quiz

Most Canadians will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Left untreated, back pain can seriously impact daily living, yet almost 15 per cent of Canadians report that they do nothing to treat their back pain, while almost 50 percent treat the symptoms of the back pain, rather than the actual back pain […]