Back Strengthening Exercises

Weak Muscles Cause Back Pain. Weak muscles are often at the root of back pain, especially lower back pain. This is particularly true for people in the baby boomer and elderly age groups. The muscles of the back, the abdomen, and the buttocks all support the spine. These muscles are called the “core” muscles and […]

When Is Back Pain An Emergency?

Surprisingly, severe back pain isn’t usually a medical emergency. Regardless, one of the most common reasons people go to the emergency room is severe back pain from a simple muscle strain and/or joint sprain. While these conditions can be extremely painful, it usually doesn’t indicate soft tissue or other structural joint/ligament damage to the back. […]

What To Do When Back Pain Strikes

Back pain can strike almost anyone at any time. Therefore, I thought that this article should cover what you should do if you are unfortunate enough to experience an acute bout of back pain. Most of the recommendations given below apply to a new onset of acute back pain. • When it comes to acute […]

What Does a Chiropractor Do?

I have spent the 19 years in practice trying my best to educate my patients, and the general public, about the many different physical problems that I see in my office. When doing this, I often use a chiropractic term called a “subluxation”. Although other health care practitioners may have a slightly different definition for […]

Have a More Firm and Muscular “Butt”

There are many people who would like to have a more firm and muscular “butt”. Fitness magazines encourage you to have firm buttock muscles for aesthetic purposes; however, strong hip and upper leg muscles are a very good for providing structural support for your back and hips. These muscles are very important for walking, climbing […]